BEWARE When Buying a used iPhone from Craigslist, Ebay or any online second hand website!

Bought a used iPhone from craigslist? You come home and you think you hit the jackpot. Grabbing an iPhone for cheap, sweet! Or so you thought.. Everyone loves scoring and grabbing deals however sometimes we run into problems. A friend of mine recently just bought an iPhone that she thought was perfect. The screen original cover was still on it, Original box and everything. What can go wrong right?

Well the ugly truth about an used iPhone

Unfortunately used iPhone’s, heck even brand new phones that still have not came out the box can have issues. The issues are not technically the phone itself but the server thats behind it. Each iPhone comes with their own lets say Social Security number… They are known as IMEI, They are unique..  Each iPhone gets assigned an IMEI and when an iPhone is lost, stolen or fraudulent. They are reported to Apple. When Apple receives these IMEI they blacklist them and they become unusable and it becomes iCloud locked. When this happens you are unable to use the phone because the Original Account holder will need to unlock the iPhone and remove the iCloud lock. Without the original owner’s credentials you were out of luck! Until came out with a iCloud activation bypass tool.  We recently actually wrote a little bit about iCloud Bypass and how to remove your iCloud lock on a iPhone / iPad which alot of people found to be a helpful “How to” guide on removing and bypassing their iCloud Activation Lock.


For those who already bought a used iPhone before reading!

Well that sucks! Butt we have a solution. If you want to learn how to iCloud Bypass your iPhone follow the instructions on our homepage and you will be sent to iCloud Unlock and permanently  unlocking your phone! We hope this helps people who are looking to buy a used iPhone and give them an insight on the other side if you run into problems!


NOTE: iPhone’s are not the only devices that can have an iCloud lock

Yes! even iPad’s can sometimes have iCloud locks and there are many steps into protecting yourself from getting into a situation like this and not ending up needing an iCloud unlocking solution. Find out more here about buying an iPad that is iCloud Unlocked.

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