How to Unlock an iPad that is iCloud Locked!

How to iCloud Unlock an iPad

Most people assume iCloud Activation Locks can only happen to iPhone’s. This is simply not the case, just like our previous guide when purchasing an used iPhone from used sources sometimes they come with iCloud locks and they are almost virtually useless. Before people would need to throw these phones away or sell it for parts. Now you can either take caution steps when buying a used iPhone to make sure its not iCloud locked, or if you are not so lucky to come across our guide before you bought your used iPhone / iPad and it is now iCloud Activation Locked you will need to hire an expert service just like ours to do a PERMANENT iCloud Unlock on your device. (Click here to skip and get to the unlock service)  iPad 9.7 iCloud Lock issues how to icloud unlock

Steps into buying a used iPad

You need to make sure your iPad is not iCloud Locked when buying from used sources! It can be a little tricky when you buy a used iPad / iPhone from Ebay, Amazon or any used online buying services, It is a little tricky because you don’t have physical access to the device itself and when it arrives sometimes you see the previous owner did not remove the iCloud correctly. It becomes a very big hassle to try and contact the previous owner and almost impossible because almost all these sellers on eBay sell phones at a bulk and dont have time to check if the devices have properly removed iCloud accounts. My friend herself got a iPhone that had an iCloud Lock and she removed the iCloud lock following our article. Okay enough talking lets find out what is the proper steps!

Step 1. When meeting up with the seller

Make sure you ask them to turn on the device, remove any iCloud accounts associated. They can login to their iCloud and select the devices and from the Devices list, tap the device you want to erase and remove.

Step 2. Erase and Factory Reset

You want to ask the seller to either stick around while you Factory Reset your iPad (here is a great guide to follow!) or ask for them to give you their contact information, so you can meetup should you run into any problems.

Step 3. ENJOY the iPad once it is completely iCloud Unlocked


Steps on removing an iCloud Lock on a iPad!

We are deeply saddened you locked your iPad or bought a iCloud Locked iPad! NOT to fear, our services offer permanent iCloud Unlocking and it will bypass your iCloud lock! Click here to go to our service, at Unlocking Device our customers come first!


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