How to Unlock a Locked iCloud Account on a iPhone?

Learn how to unlock a locked iCloud Account on a iPhone

So lets recap. Recently one of our latest blog articles covered how an used iphone can be icloud locked / activation locked and we found out how annoying it can be. Frustrated after being so happy that you just bought your kickass iPhone but you didn’t think it could be Activation Locked.  We have wrote articles about this exact problem and how to solve this issue with a iCloud Bypass. Don’t allow the previous owners mistake of leaving their iCloud account still attached become a problem, and leaving you out with $800 dollars. At UnlockingDevice we will show you the full process of the iCloud Activation Bypass.

how you can icloud bypass an activation lock

Before we get started, What is an iCloud Activation Locked phone?

With the iOS 7 launch, there came the iCloud chain. The iCloud chain made it so you can have all your devices such as iPhone, iPad, Macbook even your iTouch connected into a cloud called iCloud. This was a great addition to the iOS features because it made it easy for you to share photos among all your devices without you doing anything! This was great because I can take photos of my children on my iPhone and my wife can receive it on her iPad.   So as most of you guys are thinking whats the problem? Well the problems start happening when you want to sell your family iPad to someone on craigslist. Now in this story you are the person who probably purchased the iPad or iPhone used from Craigslist  and you are looking at this blog because your iPhone is activation locked. The person who you purchased your iPhone / iDevice from was suppose to remove their iCloud account off of this phone, because they didn’t now every time you try to use the phone it states your new phone you just bought is linked to someone’s iPhone.

Choosing the correct service to iCloud Unlock is important!

With this being such a huge problem for everyone, Literally thousands of people search for a solution on how to iCloud Unlock their iPhone. With scammers knowing this is a common issue, they started capitalizing on this issue offering FAKE removal services, iCloud Bypassing services by either taking your money or stating this ICLOUD UNLOCK IS FREE!, yeaa right, no legitimate service will do this for free because its costs money to remove it.

We found out their are only couple quality providers in the market to completely remove and permanently remove your iCloud account. We will state our findings below!


Tested & Working iCloud Removal Bypass Services

The 12 Providers we tested! By far Unlocking Device was the best, well we think so anyway. The next couple ones we found that were helpfull was CellUnlocker they can be found here they provided services just like us, and they are priced at the same price!

The Competitors and The Findings

We found out 9 of them turned out to be SCAMS and FAKE in our test. We recommend everyone doing their own research but we thought it would be a little easier helping you find the best or possibly best iCloud Unlocking Services by doing our own testing.

We Tested the Unlock Service On These Selected Devices

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 4


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